About Us

Born from a feeling, Quaid Freedom Machines Co. is dedicated to taking every opportunity given, making our own choices, and living every minute like it’s our last.

Based in Southern California and created by Brandon Quaid, Quaid Freedom Machines Co. was made for all free thinkers and freedom lovers in the hopes of spreading the message of living free.

With the world shut down and the chaos that followed, Brandon would turn to his motorcycle to get away from it all…to quiet the noise of the world and think for himself. During that time on the road, with the wind in his face, Quaid Freedom Machines Co. was born…the perfect apparel for anyone who lives free and is proud of it.

Your freedom machine doesn’t have to be a motorcycle. It can be a car, a surfboard, a plane...anything you do that puts a smile on your face and reminds you what life is all about.

We make Men's and Women's T shirts and tank tops, along with flex fit hats, that are the perfect way to tell everyone you think for yourself without telling everyone you think for yourself.

Get on your Freedom Machines, think for yourself and live free.